Feeling nervous about the entrance exam? Don't worry, you're not the first! We at MedConnect Europe ensure to provide all our students with ALL the resources you will need to succeed in the exam, this is why we have maintained our 100% pass rate over the years - All students that apply not only pass the exam but get a minimum of 80% overall. 

These resources that you're about to start using have been compiled by Medical students who have been through the application process themselves as well as university professors.  Thus, we are very confident that if you study the resources, you will have nothing to worry about.


Take a look at some of the students who have sat the exam and what they had to say about it! These videos are here to motivate you! As you know preparation is the key to success and we want you to know that you have all the tools at your disposal!

Good luck and we wish you a wonderful revision session. Remember if you have any questions or problems, just get in touch! We're always happy to hear from our bright future doctors!

Message From The MedConnect Europe Admissions Team


Scores Of Some Of The Students In The Video


Abdullah Sandhu: Biology – 5.93; Chemistry – 6:00 (Total – 99.4%)

Nikhil Shah: Biology – 5.40; Chemistry – 5.63        (Total – 92.0%)


Tomi Olukoya: Biology – 6.00; Chemistry – 5.70    (Total – 97.5%)


Scores Of Some Of The Students In The Video


Elizabeth Shamsee: Biology – 6.00; Chemistry – 6:00 (Total – 100%)

Mehran Saleem: Biology – 5.70; Chemistry – 6.00 (Total – 97.5%)

Hassan Mukhtar: Biology – 6.00; Chemistry – 5.10 (Total – 92.5%)

Sanah Nadeem: Biology – 6.00; Chemistry – 5.40 (Total – 95.0%)

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